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Consumers that formalized mortgage contracts with a Spanish Bank before 16 June 2019 can claim back the mortgage expenses derived from the formalization of the mortgage contract.

Limitation period is generally 5 years since signing the mortgage.

Mortgage expenses that you can claim

Price of the mortgage deed and price of the mortgage deed cancellation.

Bank commissions for starting the contract or ending the contract.

Property survey costs known in Spain as “tasación”.

Professional fees of the administrative agency that handled the payment of taxes and change of title.

Land Registry fees for the mortgage registration, when either formalizing or cancelling.

Even if you have already fully paid your mortgage it is still possible to claim back the mortgage expenses. Therefore, you have good chances to recover the monies wrongfully paid, not only those monies related to old properties, also you can claim the mortgage expenses of those properties already sold or if you changed the bank.

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